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Shad Lock Serie 3

Shad Lock Serie 3

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  • Shad Locks, SERIE 3 scooter handlebar lock to be combined with the specific fitting kit for your motorcycle.
  • The SERIE 3 handlebar lock set for your motorcycle is the ideal kit for your daily city or intercity tours.
  • The SERIE 3 padlock is a ball joint padlock that is covered with a 5 mm galvanized steel cable.
  • The padlock mounts under the seat and attaches to the handlebar to immobilize the vehicle.
  • Avoid having to touch the wheels. Avoid contact with dirt on the ground. Avoid driving off with a lock on.
  • A quick and practical solution, since it allows you to attach a helmet and leave it secured on the motorcycle.
  • One of the cleanest, most practical and fastest solution on the market.
  • Its high-quality locking system, stands out (with more than 10,000 tested cycles) and its reversible key, for faster handling.
  • Product designed 100% in Europe, highlights the finishes and the lateral location of the key to improve usability.
  • Patent pending.

SERIE 3 is composed of 3 references.
or C0S307H = 49 CM
or C0S305H = 44 CM
or C0S303H = 38 CM

How to buy & mount:
1.-Search for your motorcycle.
2.-Find your fitting reference (check the lock size).
3.-Choose lock serie (serie 3 or serie 2)
4.-Mount the fitting.
5.-Mount the lock (Circlip system).
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