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Honda PCX125 / PCX150 (2010-2022) Handlebar Lock Fitting

Honda PCX125 / PCX150 (2010-2022) Handlebar Lock Fitting


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SHAD's handlebar lock fitting kits offer a bike-specific solution to immobilising your bike and securely storing your helmet.

SHAD's handlebar lock works by attaching to a bike specific bracket under the bike's seat and securing the lock to the handlebars. The lock chain can be threaded through your helmet and secured into place, keeping your helmet safe whilst you're away.

The handlebar lock is a fast securing padlock mount, which, when not in use, attaches around the front of the seat for a subtle look.

A lock chain is required in addition to the fitting kit.
There are 2 styles of chain available; Series 2 and Series 3.

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