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BMW S1000XR (2020-2022) Top Master Fittings

BMW S1000XR (2020-2022) Top Master Fittings


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The SHAD Top Master fitting allows mounting a top case onto the motorcycle. It is a fitting specifically designed por each motorcycle model, taking into account its features. The result is a high quality product, comfortable, safe, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

To mount the top case onto the bike it is necessary to add to the top fitting, the plate included in the SHAD cases (except for TR48/TR37).

Compatible with all mounting plates, valid for all SHAD and SHAD TERRA top cases.

W0SX10ST : Only compatible with the model that includes the original top support for mounting BMW cases.

For rack compatible with the model that includes original side handles. please use W0SR10ST


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