Ducati Diavel 1260 / 1260S (2019-2021)

Types of cases/bags

Featuring SHAD's Patented new 3P Mounting system, both safety and ergonomics were taken into consideration to develop this award-winning saddlebag mount design by SHAD. Easily Removable, lockable but, accessible without the need of inserting a key, these Side Cases easily swallow an XXL Full Face Helmet. Offered standard with Carbon Color panels, an inner tray to prevent items from dropping when opening and, an elastic band holding your belongings in place.

Side cases

SH23 (23L capacity)

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SH35 (35L capacity)

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SH36 (36L capacity)

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*Plastic side cases are sold as a pair.


Depending on the location and the type of case that you want for your motorcycle, you will require a specific system to mount them on your bike. You'll get the option to add it to your cart by using our kit building tool.

3P System Mount (Side case)

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